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All three collections are conceived and designed by Regina. However, they each serve a different purpose. If you sign up to receive news, you can select which brand/s you are interested in by checking the corresponding box/es. Enjoy the variety!


R  by Regina Nemni

The R by Regina Nemni line offers small capsule collections in limited quantity. The focus is on the high quality of fabrics and manufacturing so that a garment may stay with you for a long time, sort of like a trusted friend. Fabrics are all natural and either made in the USA or imported depending on the best option for each fabric. We couple that with an effort to use over-stock fabric whenever possible. When we are able to use over-stock textiles, it means that we contribute to the reduction of textile over-production and consequent waste-accumulation in the landfills. 



POMCHO was born as an additional tool for the practice of meditation. It is designed to minimize distractions and help the mind focus within. It creates a strong cocoonish feeling that quickly becomes your own private space, no matter what else is going on around you. All natural fabrics are needed not only to please our Planet, but also to allow the free flow of energy.



Viral Love Gear is a small boho-street brand that focuses on creativity and affordability for a younger crowd, though it is loved by many adults as well. Occasionally, VLG may offer designs that are similar to the R collection, but at a lower price. This is achieved by making different textile choices and simplifying the manufacturing process. Still, VLG is made in the USA in respectful working conditions and with adequate salaries. 

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