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Ltd ed. YPT's Frances Stark t-shirt

We collaborated with YPT on a limited edition woman's tee made exclusively for "Uh-Oh", the mid-career survey of Frances Stark at the Hammer Museum in Westwood CA. Only 30 shirts were made. Each garment is hand-cut and features hand-sewn elements mimicking Stark's original artwork: "Trojan Bin (2014)".

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AF Dance - Website Launch

  We designed the website for AF DANCE, the production company of beautiful dancer Alessandra Ferri. Ms. Ferri quit ballet at the peak of her career several years ago. Seven years later, she went back to the stage - a new person, a new woman, a new artist. AF Dance is born out of  Ms. Ferri's desire to expand her artistic boundaries and in so doing create unique and innovative collaborations in a variety of media with established as well as upcoming talents of great inspiration. Please note that Ms. Ferri's guest appearances are not produced by AF Dance. While AF Dance may plan multiple productions down the line, funds are raised for one project at a time. Funds are currently being raised for TRIO CONCERTDANCE

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On The Catwalk May 7

We will be taking part in the fashion show at this year's Anderglam, a UCLA's yearly benefit. We will be honored to be walking down the catwalk together with long established brands such as Guess and Lucky Brand. A night on creativity, for us a night to remember. This is our first fashion show and we thank all those who have supported us and continue to do so, in different, beautiful ways. We thank the wonderful team that has gathered around this event.

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"PUSHOVER" by Vlad Kozlov

Currently shooting with young director Vladislav Kozlov. I continue to be amazed at my luck with running into the right people. Vladislav's passion, his natural obsession with cinema, his enthusiasm and his innocence are enough for me to know I'm in the right place. In Italy there is a saying that goes "Se non sono pazzi, non li vogliamo". It means: "If they're not crazy, we don't want them." I'm pretty sure Vlad is crazy ;-)

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"EROS" in Paris through July 19

I am so grateful to have met and worked with director Michelangelo Antonioni. It is a great gift to spend time with those of us who have the courage and the clear mindedness to fully be themselves. I don't think there is anything else to teach or anything else to learn. Antonioni's vision breathes in every frame, in every detail, in every sound, in every intention. It is my great wish to imbibe this focus and be my own artist as well as my own person, independent of all trends or expectations, completely still, essential, and profoundly original. Thank you, Michelangelo, I am forever grateful. - Regina

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