Bringing Beauty to Size Hell: Welcome the GSM

If there is one thing that is shamelessly arbitrary in the "system" of fashion, it is Sizing. There aren't many elements that we like to see "fixed" in this creative and surprising environment, but sizes... well, we would all probably love it if sizes were carved in stone, and the same for every brand, even every country. That way, we could casually ask our friend what size she wears, and surprise her with a bunch of perfectly fitting garments when we're back from our trip to Europe. And, much less exotic than that, we could order online without having to make proximity to the Post Office our priority in choosing where to live. But no, it isn't so. There are many considerations that lead to this size chaos, whether historical or commercial, all of them aiming to please each brand's targeted customer, all of them affected by cultural changes and values. 

I'm a size 6... no, I'm an 8... no, wait, I'm a small, wow, that feels good! I guess that ice cream I did NOT have is paying off :-)  But wait a minute... on second thought, this is not the time to join the Skinny Booties, darn, maybe I should have that ice cream after all... oh good, these pants are a 10 and they fit me spectacularly... hahaha... watch out, Kim!

I can be one of three sizes, depending on what brand and what design I'm trying on. There can be a slight difference even within supposedly identical garments, even though the extent of that varies with the brand's quality. Truth be told, there can be a difference also from the right side to the left side of the same garment. But most importantly, I find there definitely is an emotional element attached to the size, and it's a strong one. For this reason, at first I thought I would ban traditional sizes and use Roman numbers instead for my designs: I, II, III, IV, and V, but even that is an obvious scale and doesn't make things much easier. So, after contemplating this issue a little longer due to my Parsons assignment, I decided I am going to use flowers. Flowers come in all different shapes, colors, scents, sizes and habits, but the one thing they all have in common is they are all beautiful, all truly, truly beautiful, and I want my customers to feel that way. I don't want them to say "I'm a 4" or "I'm a 10", I want them to say "I'm a jasmine" or "I'm an orchid" or "I'm a magnolia" and so on. So, my ladies, welcome to the Garden Size Method... I have a feeling men will be trees... but let's not worry about that yet!

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