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MATERIAL: Corset: burlap/jute; Skirt: 100% linen.
Color: natural jute; matching base linen with pink flowers
Exposed front zip closure
Spaghetti straps
French seams, not lined

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Burlap / Jute

Burlap/jute is a natural, eco-friendly, vegetable fabric that is made from the cellulose and ligning (skin) of the jute plant. Jute is also the name of the long, soft, shiny fiber that is made from the plant and is then woven into burlap. It is part of the same family of fibers as hemp, ramie and flax (that linen comes from). In many languages, burlap fabric is called jute. Burlap/jute is famous for its strength and durability. Historically, burlap/jute has been used for a variety of practical purposes due to its above mentioned durability as well as its open weave that makes it very breathable and ideal for wrapping and carrying all sorts of materials that need air. Prior to the advent of the multi-color camouflage print, burlap/jute used to cover military helmets due to its natural non-shiny refraction and fuzzy texture.

Is burlap used in fashion design?

While commonly used in arts and crafts such as the making of carpets, pillow covers or painting canvas, burlap/jute is a new entry in the fashion world. We wash and dry the burlap/jute fabric several times before we cut it in order to achieve a comfortable degree of softness. We line the areas that are in contact with your skin so you can comfortably enjoy its rough, extremely cool, uncaring look in perfect contrast with our care filled, accurately structured designs. Burlap is like denim in that it will soften and adapt to your body with time and use.


Linen fabric comes from the fibers of the flax plant. It is one of the most ancient fabrics, possibly traceable to the prehistoric age about 36,000 years ago. The Old Testament clearly indicates the need for the highest religious offices to wear clean linen clothes while performing the most sacred rituals. Linen has always held and still holds a direct association with purity. In fact, when we wear linen, we immediately feel that we are wearing a high quality garment. That's a feeling we don't get quite as easily with any other fabric, particularly when we wear polyester or other petrol derived fabrics such as nearly all acrylics on the market, whether they are fast fashion or not. Linen also has very high conductivity which makes the fabric feel cool (cooler than cotton) and a favorite in warm to hot weather. Linen's wrinkles are famous for their elegance. Of course, you don't want to exceed with that, but feel free to wear your linen unpressed. See below for more details.

How do I care for my burlap and linen dress?

Since your burlap and linen dress is pre-washed, you are safe machine washing and going for some tumble drying (don't over do it). However, do not mix with other colors as the dress will easily absorb color from other garments, particularly in warm or hot water. It is safest to wash in cold water with similar colors. Both burlap and linen are not expected (nor preferred) to be wrinkle-free. If you tumble-dry, pull the dress out when it is still a bit moist and lay it flat to full dry. This way you will not need to iron it. If you forget your dress in the dryer and find it all wrinkled up and cold, arm yourself with a powerful steam iron and consider loosening up the creases in the burlap your workout for the day!