Regina Nemni Vanity Style ItaliaI was born and raised in Milan. I spent my adolescence in the magic atmosphere of Teatro alla Scala where I attended the ballet school for eight years. I was surrounded by beauty, beautiful music, beautiful sceneries and beautiful people of outstanding talent. At home, I watched my gorgeous mother never leave her room without looking like a queen. As much as I rebelled against it, I still learnt everything from her. Today my taste reflects all of that Italian need for esthetic pleasure as well as a very laid back observation of it, in other words, I have fun.
Paying attention to detail is a natural part of “everything design” in Milan. It's the norm, one that we're happy to comply with. Using environmentally friendly fabrics as well as selecting fair trade practicing suppliers should also be a norm that needs no bragging about. I feel that natural and organic fabrics are more precious in every way, so I give those fabrics priority not only because we love our outstandingly gorgeous Mother Earth, but also because I prefer them on my skin. And I trust we are all aware by now that sustainability is not just a matter of fabric choices and dye processes, but that it very much includes the way human beings are treated on the job and paid. There simply is no way to have an authentic “Made in USA” or “Made in Italy” for a cheap price (though sweat shops exist there too and we stay away from them).
Shape, a garment's cut, the way it falls on your body is of the utmost importance. From ballet I have learnt the importance of body lines. Our designs, whether casual or dressy, will always be in service to the harmony of the body, never independent of it. While we are supportive of social progress and cultural variety, we don't care for short-lived trends. There is nothing man-made that we need to conform to. But what a joy to conform to Nature and to our own God-given Beauty! Each one of us in her own irresistible way. And finally, comfort. Freedom of movement and relaxation are essential in our day to day lives as well as at special occasions. It all goes towards enjoying ourselves and those around us. Trust that you are gorgeous inside and out, for what is sexier than a woman at ease with herself?
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