This mask is non-surgical, non-medical grade. It was created specifically for this meeting to provide you with a denim mask you can easily hand-sew and look awesome in! Denim is a thick fabric with a tight weave, which makes it one of the best home-fabrics for home-made masks. It will give you and others more protection than a simple face cover such as a bandana or foulard. Also more protection than many masks currently being sold at several chain-stores. Please do not use this pattern with any other fabric but medium-heavy weight denim, as any light fabric will provide no protection to yourself or those you interact with. The single-layered denim mask can become even more protective by adding a filter pocket and wire nose bridge. For this reason, at the end of the meeting I will instruct you also on how to create a filter pocket in case you want to dare a more complex endeavor :-) Alternatively, you can take a look at our masks here.

For more information about the efficiency of masks, see our MASKS FAQ



  • Fabric: you can either use your jeans or purchase an 11" x 6" rectangle of medium-heavy denim fabric at a fabric store
  • 2 elastics 7" long and 0.25" large, or equivalent hair-bands
  • Very sharp scissors to cut 2 layers of denim. Your paper scissors probably won't do it. Try your kitchen scissors or garden scissors. Of course, fabric scissors are perfect
  • Needle & thimble
  • Thread of the color of your choice


  • Choose which one of the patterns below is right for you.
  • Print the page with the chosen pattern
  • Cut the pattern


I'm using my jeans I have a piece of fabric 11" x 6 "
Click here to download pattern Click here to download pattern


See you soon!