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Kohanim the Essential Meditation pOMcho

Kohanim the Essential Meditation pOMcho

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MATERIAL: Linen 100%


  • 100% organic cotton drawstrings at hood and bottom
  • made in USA with imported fabric


White linen holds a significant importance in the Old Testament as a symbol of purity, holiness, and righteousness. In the book of Exodus, the high priest - Kohanim (pl.) - is commanded to wear white linen garments as a symbol of his spiritual purity and divine calling. The Talmud also teaches that white linen represents the idea of spiritual purity and the desire to elevate oneself above worldly matters. In ancient Egypt, linen was used to represent purity and protection in the afterlife. In the Christian tradition, linen altar cloths and vestments are used during religious ceremonies, symbolizing holiness and purity. In Hinduism, linen is used to make sacred items such as the dhoti worn by priests, representing spiritual purity.


Choose size 1 for persons up to 5’8”/173cm tall
Choose size 2 for persons taller than 5’8”/173cm


Wash linen in cold water, hang to dry or tumble dry on low heat, avoid bleach, iron when damp, use gentle detergents, avoid over-drying, store in a cool, dry place. Linen is a very strong fabric, if you treat it well it will become softer and more beautiful as time goes by.

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